Remodeling A 90’s Style Interior

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When the temperature starts to change, people start thinking about buying a new home – change up their living situation. This can involve making some changes or even remodeling the new home you’re moving into.

In studio, we had a homeowner who decided to do just that. Her new home is over 25-years old, so some big updates were needed… In the video above, check out how DeGraaf Interiors helped her achieve her dream space!

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DeGraaf has two different locations: a showroom in Hudsonville, and a premium design center in Cascade.

  • 6450 28th Ave, Ste J – Hudsonville
  • 1144 E. Paris Ave SE #1A – Cascade
  • Phone: 616-264-3424

Create Your Dream Space with DeGraaf Interiors

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