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Welcome! This section is meant to serve as a guide for making common website updates. The pages within define a step by step guides to each action with accompanying screenshots to show what the interface looks like along the way and where to make edits.

As a quick start, the majority of website updates will be made on content pages of the site. To edit these pages, login and navigate to Pages in the sidebar. This gives you a complete list of all pages of the site. You can either look through the list for the page you need or use the search box in the upper right corner.

Example interface shown below:


Once you’ve found the appropriate page, select it to edit the content. Do not change the page name without contacting the site administrator and SEO partner. Redirects will be needed to appropriate remove or redirect traffic to the new page.


Please contact your site administrator if you have any questions about the information defined within or require other common actions to have a step by step guide for reference.

Happy editing!