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Adding and editing pages in WordPress is made simple to allow the site to adapt to changes with the business.

To add a new page, navigate to Pages in the sidebar and select ‘Add New’ to get started. Below are steps to creating and editing a new page:

  1. Add a Page title – Choose a page title that is intuitive to the user (what they might look for) and something simple that can be used as a URL. WordPress automatically creates the page URL based on the page title you use (ie.
  2. Add content – Type page content into the text field provided. Use the editing bar at the top of the box to format text, create bulleted lists, change alignment, and add images (Add Media).
  3. Add SEO Info – Adding SEO information helps to increase traffic to the site and enable it to appear in searches more often. The SEO window will also help to show if you’ve used popular keywords well as you enter content. Add keywords, SEO title (can be the page title), and description (what someone will see in a search engine result).
  4. Set the page attributes – Choose where you want the page to live on the site. If it should be accessible from a link in the navigation, choose an appropriate parent page (ie. About, Products, Contact, etc). Choose ‘Side Navigation’ as the Page Template to make it accessible from the side menu.

Example interface below:

Add A Page