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The blog on the DeGraaf Interiors site is a great way to feature upcoming events, news, publication announcements, and videos. The most recent 3 blog posts will automatically display on the home page.

To update the blog, navigate to Posts in the sidebar and select ‘Add New’ to get started. Below are the steps to creating a new blog post:

  1. Name the Blog Post – Create a name that is unique to the blog post. This will also be the URL for the blog post (automatically set below the page title).
  2. Fill in the content – Add blog post content into the text window below the title.
  3. Add SEO Info – Adding SEO information helps to increase traffic to the site and enable it to appear in searches more often. The SEO window will also help to show if you’ve used popular keywords well as you enter content. Add keywords, SEO title (can be the page title), and description (what someone will see in a search engine result).
  4. Choose a category – Choose from the options listed or add a new category with the link ‘+ Add New Category’ below.
  5. Add an image – Choose ‘Set featured image 1’ and follow the steps to uploading the image to the media library (upload button or drag and drop).

Example interface below:

Add Blog Post