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The History of DeGraaf Interiors

Deb & Dean DeGraaf, DeGraaf Interiors Daryll DeGraaf started DeGraaf Interiors (DGI) in May 1993 after working in the floor covering business for 15 years. DGI was operated in Jenison on Port Sheldon Road in another floor covering store as a separate business. We concentrated on retail and builder trade while they concentrated on commercial and apartment trade. Our first employee was hired on a part time basis in March 1995 and we have been growing since. In November 1996 both stores moved operations into a new building still on Port Sheldon Road. In February 2003 we broke ties with the other floor covering store and moved to our current location. Also, in February 2003 we purchased the assets of Kemp Floor Covering located on Plainfield Ave in Grand Rapids. We hired all their existing employees because of their valuable experience. In 2003, we relocated Kemp to a brand new facility just east of our current one. In our 13 plus years we have gone from one employee to over 20. In 2007 Daryll DeGraaf retired.  At that time Daryll’s children, Deb and Dean, purchased the business.  Deb and Dean have proven themselves to hold true to tradition, moving forward with the legacy their father began.  We attribute our growth and success to God who has blessed us repeatedly and the hard work of our employees

DeGraaf Interiors Today

Since 1963, the DeGraaf Interiors professionals have helped set the standard for providing dedicated assistance to individuals and families when they make important decisions about their living environments.

From knowledgeable salespeople who provide you with the latest ideas, trends and textures, to our trained installation specialists whose job it is to make every selection look beautiful in your home, the experienced DeGraaf Interiors team stands poised to lend our special expertise to your individual project. We’ll even vacuum your new carpet after installation to make your new flooring “guest-ready” as soon as possible.

Complete Design Assistance 

Got an idea to brighten up a “tired” room? Need some suggestions to help give your home new life? Just bring your ideas and challenges to DeGraaf Interiors. From a single room to an entire home, we’ll help you explore types, textures and tints to find the perfect complement for your décor. Our designers can help even if you’re starting from scratch.

Stumped for ideas? Tell us your vision and we’ll do the rest. 

Our designers can provide beautifully creative options for you based on your ideas, fabric, color swatches, or photos. Their knowledge of today’s wide range of casual, durable and elegant flooring choices make it easy to explore many “perfect” combinations of texture and color for your home. Call or stop by our showroom today and let us begin your tour of all the wonderful selections available for every style and type of flooring and countertop.

Already have a designer? 

We have a designer program available specifically to cater to the design standards for your project. Contact us for more information.