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Brandon Buchholz

I am Brandon and I do the Residential Field Measuring for DeGraaf. I have been involved with estimating and drawing floor plans since 2000, and have been with DGI since 2013.

I am the team member that comes out to your project or home and measures out all the spaces that we will be working on. I can measure for all the different types of floors we offer as well as countertops, backsplashes and showers, which we can now draw in 3D. I really enjoy drawing out the layouts of a project whether it is as simple as one room, or an entire house.

I do in-home measures and estimates for the sales team of all 3 of our locations, so my daily travels take me all over, allowing me to see all kinds of different areas, neighborhoods and houses. Schedule a Pre Measure or talk with one of our talented teams members and chances are you will see me at your project.