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American Olean Ceramic Tile in HudsonvilleAt DeGraaf Interiors, we focus on complete customer satisfaction, which is why we offer benefits you won’t find anywhere else, such as our lifetime installation warranty. We carry all of the products you need to transform the interior of your home, including flooring, ceramic tiles, window treatments, and countertops.

About Ceramic Tile

With multiple textures, styles, and price points, ceramic tile is a versatile product that can work well in any home. However, the sheer number of ceramic tile options can make any shopper feel overwhelmed, which is why it is good to take note of a few tips before you buy. Ceramic floor tiles offer various trim options including bullnose, corner bullnose, and sanitary cove base trims. Tiles can also be glossy or have a more natural finish. Tiles can exhibit shade variation as well. It is important to consider where you will be using your tiles, as those used in wet areas should have good slip resistance and low moisture absorption.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile offers a durability and timeless appeal that you won’t find in other types of flooring. Easy to clean, resistant to scratching and stains, and tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, ceramic tile is a smart investment for your home. It is also environmentally safe, and it lasts much longer than other types of flooring, making it a cost-effective choice.


Before installation, the installers will carefully clean the substrate and level it. Depending on where the tile is being installed, it may be necessary to put a waterproof layer over the substrate. Then the installer will create a layout plan and use chalk to create a guide for where to set the tile. Once the tile is set and cured, the installer applies the grout. After installation, it is important to take proper care of your tile so it lasts for years to come. Damp mop your floor weekly, and use protective mats in critical areas such as in front of doors, in front of the kitchen sink, and in front of the stove. It is also a good idea to put protective pads on the legs of your furniture to prevent it from damaging the floor. Be sure to only use recommended sealers and cleaners, and to allow the grout enough time to cure before applying a sealer.

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