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DeGraaf Interiors offers a Lifetime Installation Warranty covering services performed at your residential location. Our goal is a happy and satisfied lifetime customer. That begins with a friendly, competent staff; followed by timely quality service, and a commitment to stand firmly behind that service. Below is the DeGraaf Interiors Lifetime Installation Warranty:

The Warranty 

DeGraaf Interiors will repair, if possible, any residential installation related problem which may occur, free of charge, for as long as the original customer lives in the residence where the flooring was installed after May 2008. This includes, but is not limited to: re-stretching loose carpet, re-attaching stairs and loose metals, repairing seams, sealing opened vinyl seams and any other problems related to the labor portion of an installation. This does not include separation and gapping caused by settling of new homes. Repairing and re-caulking of grout is considered standard maintenance and does not apply.

If for some reason a satisfactory repair cannot be made, the normal manufacturer's warranty will apply, provided all maintenance requirements have been met by the homeowner as outlined by the individual manufacturer.

Manufacturers Warranty

For specific manufacturer warranties, please contact a DGI sales person at 616-662-0140.

(616) 209-4143